Sustainability is the part of our Corporate Social Responsibility which is our organisational policy we apply for every business process effecting the environment and social wellbeing of the people within and outside our company.

We advocate the concept of triple bottom line: “people, planet, profit” and assume responsibility for the impact on societies and communities, environment and people in five core areas:

  • Human rights
  • Anti-corruption
  • Workers’ rights
  • Environment
  • Economic development

Business sustainability directly depends on the company’s policies effecting economic, social and environmental systems. By adhering to the principles of sustainable development, and even going beyond, we will be creating economic value and contributing to healthy ecosystems. That will be achieved through the innovation, use of new-technology, support of social equity, transparency and honesty in all we do.

Our company is supported by Innovation Norway, and we share the same principles to promote sustainability such as green innovation, building commercially profitable businesses, and creating healthy environment for our stakeholders.

From the top to the bottom of our organisation, we take proactive approach to manage sustainability for reputation building and short- and long-term value creation for our clients, employees and society.