About Us

About Us

Shipcosts AS is an innovative company, supported by Innovation Norway, to assist the shipping and offshore industry to optimize vessels operating expenses (OPEX) by digital high-tech tools. Our main focus is digitalization of crew management processes, as people are the biggest asset of the companies. With that approach, we have developed crew change application Jurnez (easy journey), a combination of web and mobile apps for the smooth and transparent management of the crew change process.

We believe that the digitalization of shipping and offshore industry is the common goal that can be achieved by team-work of professionals in shipping and information technology. Our product is a result of hard work of the team of experts with a background from ship management, ship operation, IT and data security.  Our specialists have 14 and more years of experience of work for leading Norwegian and British shipowning and ship management companies. 

Our project Jurnez has received several grants from the Norwegian governmental organization Innovation Norway and has been invited to pitch at Oslo Innovation Week 2018 and Wista AGM in Tromsø.

“I joined Shipcosts AS as a Board Member and an investor as I have clearly seen the potential of the project during the DNB NXT event where Shipcosts AS has presented the idea of Jurnez, a crew change management application to optimize one of the most challenging processes in ship management.”


Tor has extensive working experience in commercial shipping and ship brokerage from leading Norwegian shipping companies. He has brought substantial expertise to Shipcosts AS and is mostly involved in the development strategy and financial management of the company.

We have developed Jurnez with a great focus on the safety of traveling maritime and offshore crew and efficiency of the crew change process. Our mission is “safe crew change without hassle”. We strive to assist our clients to achieve well-organized, stress-free crew change and thus to improve fleet performance by supporting the crews in extraordinary situations occurring during the travel.

Our business values are the core principles that guide us in building our business. They are: 

Innovation – we are inspired by the great desire to find the optimal digital solution for every process associated with ship management and crew management.

Full situational awareness – our product assists crew managers to be always on top of the latest news and to be able to take an effective and timely decision in case of an extraordinary situation.

Data security – we respect people’s privacy and personal data, and we understand the importance of data security, therefore we work hard every day to protect your data by using modern technology.

Efficiency – crew change is the most time-consuming process within crew management, and nowadays the efficient and effective work of crewing operators are fully dependant on the use of innovative technology.

Our vision is an efficient crew change for all the crews traveling worldwide. A transparent flow of information between the crewing department, port agents, vessels and manning agents is a key for the successful crew change. 

With Jurnez, personal information is being transmitted in a safe and secure manner. We take it seriously to protect the data and we use the latest technology to achieve that. 

The team

Olga Brattekaas
Founder and general manager
Email: o.brattekaas@shipcosts.com

Mrs. Brattekaas has background from crew management and maritime business development. Her 14 years’ experience includes various management positions with UK based Bibby Ship Management Group of companies and Norwegian Seabird Exploration.

Tor Møinichen
Board Member and Advisor
Email: tor@moinichen.no

Tor Møinichen has joined Shipcosts AS in January 2018 as a Board Member and Mentor. Mr. Møinichen has B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and M.Sc. in Management, and lifetime experience in commercial shipping

Bjørn Gunnar Brattekaas
Board member and Advisor
Email: info@shipcosts.com

Bjørn Gunnar is Master Mariner, Stability Section Leader and DP Operator. He has more than 20 years of seagoing experience, and rig management expertise