Jurnez will add value to port agents’ services

The shipping agent’s job is full of unexpected, and we as no one else, understand the challenge. There are many factors to consider organizing a smooth port of call. Crew change is the most hectic process which requires an instant flow of communication, awareness of the situation and great attention from the port agents. The toughest thing is the schedule and it directly depends on the good organization for crew traveling to sign on and off a vessel or an oil rig.

Port agents can work simultaneously with up to 10 digital systems and platforms to make sure that all have been properly arranged for the port of call. Still, many processes are not digitized and that makes their work tough.

Awareness of the crew travel plans, information on change of plans and possibility to communicate the message or updated documents quickly to all involved, are the important drivers for a successful crew change.

Jurnez digitize crew change process and when the access to the application is provided to the respective port agent, the crew manager makes sure that the agents are updated with the latest plan. It is two-sided communication, with Jurnez the port agent does not have to think who they should notify in the shipping company if something went wrong. All the involved to the crew change will get an instant message.

We believe that with the Jurnez, we will contribute to digitization and make the job of port agents to be as easy as possible.

Ole Fredrick Torpe, Agency Manager Tanker, GAC Norway AS, said: “We have operated in the maritime industry for more than 25 years, and we are aware of the importance of timely and trustful information about the crews travel plans. With the new application Jurnez, our agents worldwide will be immediately notified of the changes in crews traveling schedules, resulted from natural disasters, accidents, or flight delays.”