Digitization is the only way to move forward for the shipping industry, but people are still having their internal concerns as change is always challenging.

While everybody formally agrees that digitization is the only way to move forward for the shipping industry, people are still having their internal concerns because the change is always challenging.

We have decided that rather to “wait and see” what the digital future brings for the crew managers, we would like to be one who is involved to make this future happen. The whole concept of Digital Crew Manager is not only about crew management process automation but more about learning new skills that would allow crew managers and operators to remain ahead of the competition.

The success to organize logistics and paperwork for on-signing and off-signing crews before each crew change is often the part of the success for the whole vessel management. Vessels KPIs are directly or indirectly influenced by the crew change performance that makes a difference for the whole fleet KPIs. Therefore, it was critical to focus on crew change performance management and understand how the companies can measure the vessels’ performance improvement if the crew change process is digitized. The results were fantastic as not only work-load for crew managers would be reduced, but also human errors were eliminated, and crews’ satisfaction and safety were improved. Another important factor is the reduction of vessels’ downtime because by digitizing crew change, the companies improve communication within the organization, with port and travel agents, and always on top of the latest activities that can delay the traveling crews.

“Jurnez – easy journey” is an application for the crew change management. It is the first application that handles the whole crew change process.

How does it work, what are the systems’ functionality, when you can start benefit from it and how it complies with new GDPR – please sign up for our blog for more news to come.