Shipcosts AS has received the support from Innovation Norway for the development of the digital application for crew change process management.

The project has been started early 2017, and as the result of collaboration and mutual efforts of experts in ship management and IT specialists, the system has already attracted the attention of shipping and offshore companies and port agents.

The digital system is a combination of web- and mobile applications with simple UX design, focusing on the crew change (CX) management and crew logistics processes. It will help ship managers to improve fleet operation performance by digitization of the CX, and thus reduce vessels’ downtime by smooth and efficient crew change operation.  

The maritime industry is in the middle of the digitalization process, with a focus on the costs saving, improvement of safety and security of assets and personnel, and vessels’ performance management in general. Many processes within ship management have been digitized, but this is the first-time crew change process has been directly addressed. In fact, it was done a lot in terms of ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication, but nothing or very little for the communication with the crew or office staff while they were traveling to the vessels or rigs.

The application is now available in closed beta. Crew Managers are invited to test it for free for two weeks. For more information please contact us.